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High School Dropout

What are you good for? As of now barely enough for a factory job. Luckily. There are plenty of those in California. The work is terrible. So is the pay. What can you do when you haven’t even met the minimum educational requirements laid out by society. Well I’m not Too Short. If anything I’m Short. On cash. Short on confidence, opportunity, and just about any other thing that makes one successful. Or feel successful. You really feel stuck. Stagnant. Not able to move on to your next dream or idea. I’ve noticed it even affects me during my day to day encounters with co workers, my higher ups, hell. Even the bus driver. I won’t even notice until after our interaction. I’ll realize that my lack of grammar skills really show when I speak to someone. No matter what happens. Of course it’s also something negative then I notice I always reflect on my education. Or at least that’s my theory. I feel like people can see my lack of an education when speaking to me. Of course they can. At least they can hear it. Or maybe I think they can. I don’t know. I feel like it hinders me from being more professionally outgoing. Well that only makes sense. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being a “Sulky Susie”. There are times where I notice that the Universe, maybe Allah; or even the Shaitan are demonstrating that one without the basic knowledge, (Being… my HS Diploma. Duh) isn’t worthy of perusing their goals or dreams plans whatever you want to call it. Or even destiny. Yes. Yes okay. This is the Jihad that is taught all throughout a persons life. Starting from childhood. So wah wah cry about it. Make salat. Salat. Damn. That’s a whole other discussion. Damn. This is what’s written. For us all. I never thought I’d be stuck in HS. What? Like eight years post. Damn. Ya Allah. I’m just ranting. No one will probably even take the time to read it. I’ll probably end up sharing about this again. It’s ever reoccurring.

Pathetic Attempt to Create.

This is where I “find” my voice. Or at least it’s meant to be. That should tell you I’m here for pretty much the same reason every other Blogger is. I want this to be a platform for building myself. My character, my interests, my ambitions, my outlet for every topic that intrigues me in this short blimp called Life. I’m here to challenge and discuss the “social norms” that we all are taking part in. Knowingly and unknowingly. I’m here to remind myself that I exist. That I too have opinions and beliefs that I want to share with the world. I can’t believe Ive barely just now discovered WordPress; and during such an interesting time. 2020. I’m new to this. I hope that others find my content as interesting and thought provoking as I do. At this point. Yes I’m very insecure with all that I do. Just like everyone else in their 20’s. Or maybe I’m just stunted. Who knows? Maybe you can all let me know what you think. Who knows. I could get some exposure. Who Knows? Or my audience can just write it off as bullshit. Let’s see how this goes.